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Gold?S Gym Black Weightlifting Belt, Extra Large

Gold?S Gym Black Weightlifting Belt, Extra Large

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Increase maximum power during heavy lifts with the Gold's Gym Weightlifting Belt. Built to last, the leather material used for this belt is heavy-duty and stiff, making it perfect for squats and deadlifts. Featuring padded support for your back, this belt offers comfort during lifts. The double pronged design ensures this belt will stay put during your workouts. With 15-hole placements, this belt is adjustable for a variety of users. This belt is 48-inches in length, 4-inches in height, and over 7mm thick. The 4-inch height of this belt is ideal for tightening the core during heavy lifts. Using this weightlifting belt will help your performance during heavy lifts involving the lower back by increasing your spinal and core stability, so incorporate it into your strength training routine for maximal power!

Gold's Gym Black Weightlifting Belt, Extra Large:

  • Leather material is heavy-duty, stiff and perfect for heavy lifts
  • Padded support offers comfort during lifts
  • Double pronged design ensures belt is securely fashioned
  • 15-hole placements offer adjustability for a variety of users
  • 4-inch height is ideal for tightening the core during heavy lifts
  • Improve performance and increase maximum power during squats and deadlifts
  • Weightlifting belt dimensions are 56-inches long by 4-inches height by 7.1 mm thick
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